SALON & SPA Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

As a small business, Lightheart, Sanders and Associates can relate with small business owners in the salon and spa industry. With years of experience in the beauty industry, we have the tools and knowledge to help your salon and/or spa to grow and fulfill your business goals. Salon and spa owners inspire us with their multiple layers of knowledge in entrepreneurship. As a client based profession, we know running a business isn’t easy. That’s why our accounting professionals are here to do the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on building your business. 

We know there is a lot more you would rather do to grow your business than focusing on the accounting side of things. When you partner with us, we help eliminate the accounting side from your busy schedule, so you can focus on growing your clientele and craft. What sets us apart is our dedication to helping you to understand the story behind the numbers, so you can feel confident and aware of your business finances. Our experience in working with the beauty industry, helps us to understand your business and prepare you for success.

We know the industry well and that your business can have individual needs and problems to solve. Your business may have a variety of professionals creating their own book of business, (the salon owner, 1099 or W2 employees, space rentals, etc.) with different credentials and opportunities that need a CPA to sort it all out. We understand how important investment is and how having a CPA who becomes a team member in your business is important in establishing trust and accessibility of your finances.


What Makes Lightheart, Sanders And Associates Different?

We understand every client is different and unique in what their small business needs most. Our team is dedicated and strives to treat every business as their own. It is important to us that we develop a strong relationship, so you can feel confident in knowing we are always available to you. Through hands-on experience, we are consistent in our communication and always following-up, making sure you know what is going on with your finances. We make it easy to get in contact with us and are all about over-communicating, so you don’t feel left in the dark and know we are there to help you in every step of the way. Most people just see numbers, but we convert numbers to a conversation to make sense to you and that you are constantly aware of everything we do.

We know what works to set this up. We design engagements in guiding and approaching accounting and taxes without the headache, as we develop a system that works specifically for your salon and/or spa.

Hear From Our Clients

“I have been going to Lightheart, Sanders and Associates for the pass 7 years. Previously I was during my own taxes, what a mistake. Once I started letting Kevin prepare my taxes, I have saved tons of money. The staff has been wonderful and were always available to answer all my tax questions. Great job, guys…”
Anthony P.

“I wish I had met the team at Lightheart Sanders long before I did. After meeting Andrew Bodin, I was convinced he could provide the level of service I needed from an accountant. After reviewing my previous year’s taxes, they realized I was missing out on thousands of dollars in tax savings. I now trust this team with all of my accounting needs.”
Mark M.

“We have used Lightheart and Sanders for over 15 years and have extremely pleased with their services and professionalism. Their knowledge base on taxes and Federal year to year changes have saved us money as well. The BEST IN THE BUSINESS!”
Alfredia M.


The professionals at Lightheart, Sanders and Associates are here to assist you in making certain your salon and/or spa are on track with your business goals. Our team of professionals are all about collaboration and working closely with you to handle your account. We are constantly there for you, so you always know where your business is without having to wait at the end of every month.

Our accounting services process is structured to meet the specific needs of your business. We use an approach based upon three levels to assist your salon and/or spa. The three levels of accounting include the Accounting Department, Controller, and Chief Financial Officer.

We will use our system to work with you to resolve any issues and come up with solutions to better support your business.


We know how stressful managing taxes can be for a small business owner. When it comes to taxes, we got you covered! We offer corporate and personal tax preparation and planning. Our tax preparation and planning services provide a smooth process with our 24/7 communication on the status of your tax returns.

Through tax planning, we will work with you to identify the issues together to come up with a strategy to assist you in your tax preparation and filing.


We Are A Team!

We are more than just your business CPA. We become a player on your team! We are a group of people who want to help other people to grow their business and feel confident in doing so. We don’t see our clients as numbers, but we empathize with how important growing a business is and want to be a part of your success. Call us today or fill out our form to get started!

Let Us Help You!